Indoor Air Quality

As residential and commercial buildings become more energy efficient, potential indoor air quality problems may arise from the lack of natural outdoor air exchange in buildings.   Chemical contaminants, mold spores and various types of allergens may become trapped inside buildings causing occupants respiratory discomfort and even illness from the different types of contaminants.

VATS provides residential and commercial clients with tools to evaluate, identify and assist in the alleviation of indoor air quality hazards.  VATS indoor air quality assessments inspect and evaluate the condition and maintenance of building ventilation systems, identify potential chemical contamination hazards and looks at potential issues that could promote mold growth.

VATS provides indoor air quality services for new buildings seeking to obtain LEED certification.  The company also conducts air quality monitoring testing along with noise compliance monitoring and vibration testing on HVAC systems.

VATS’ indoor air quality specialist is one of the few board certified radon measurement specialists in the State of Vermont (National Radon Safety Board certified) providing scientifically accurate radon assessments of residential and commercial properties.  VATS can also provide lead inspection services for both contractors and residential property owners as a State of Vermont licensed Lead Inspector Technician.

Please contact VATS to answer any indoor air quality related concerns for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.