New Phone Number

by vtair on March 15, 2013

VATS office phone number is changing as of March 20, 2013.  The new phone number will be (802) 373-3037.


VATS Website

by Dave W. on July 12, 2011

VATS is proud to announce the launch of our new website

When I opened VATS in 2010, I knew I needed to develop a brand for my new company with a website being a central marketing and communications tool. I also wanted to engage in a blog and integrate with some of the latest social media sites.  Most importantly, the website and blog absolutely needed to give me the ability to quickly and easily manage all information  – to and from my site – using secure, web-based content management.  I immediately thought of Earthlogic, a Burlington-based web design firm that specializes in custom brand, web and eCommerce development.

When I spoke with Chris and Geoff at Earthlogic, they listened carefully to my emerging business needs.  Once they had all pertinent information, they recommended design of initial brand visual elements including logo, business cards, and letterhead. Once the logo and company colors were selected, they went to work on a web interface design and developed the site using their “Socialogic” web-based content management system.

Earthlogic developed “Socialogic” (combining their name with “Social Media”) to leverage a cornerstone of Social Media – WordPress. As they described it, Socialogic uses a modular approach to deliver web-based CONTENT MANAGEMENT, and other features such as event CALENDARS, NEWS & PR, and many others in addition to the BLOG functionality that is core to Socialogic.

Earthlogic communicated that small to medium sized businesses find that Socialogic is very scalable and will serve the needs of theur client organizations for many years as they expand their operations. All Socialogic sites use CSS layout and are designed to be highly Search engine optimized (SEO) from the start.  Socialogic allows start-up businesses to receive the benefits of web-based content management and entry into Social Media without incurring major expense.

If you’re interested to learn more about Earthlogic or Socialogic, feel free to give Chris a call at 802-899-5510 x101 or email him at [email protected]. Tell him Dave from VATS sent you.

Their website is and they have a socialogic website if you want to know more about that product (which runs the site you’re on now –