Air Monitoring & Permitting Programs

Industries may be required to comply with air pollution regulations when constructing new facilities, expanding existing operations or modifying current operations.  VATS has assisted several Vermont industrial clients in navigating the regulatory process to achieve the permitting requirement goals in a timely and cost effective manner.  VATS’s expertise with the Vermont air pollution control regulatory process have allowed their clients to obtain the necessary air pollution permits to continue business expansion while maintaining compliance with all necessary air pollution permits.

Vermont companies with air pollution permits are required to submit registration of all regulated emissions on an annual basis.  VATS provides the necessary means to conduct all air pollution inventories and provide the necessary registration forms to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources in a timely manner.

VATS also provides source emission testing for industries required by their air pollution permits to accurately measure air emissions throughout Vermont.  In addition, VATS provides ambient air monitoring services in determining potential air contaminants.

Vermont’s Act 250 permitting process may require noise evaluations to determine compliance with current property line and adjacent property owner noise standards.  VATS has conducted noise surveys for various industries and businesses seeking to comply with state and local noise standards.