Vermont Air Testing Services (VATS)

Vermont Air Testing Services (VATS), provides air quality consulting and testing services to commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential clients.  VATS provides indoor air quality sampling analysis, industrial hygiene surveys, air pollution permitting services, ambient air monitoring, stack emission testing for all criteria pollutants and air toxins.  All sampling programs are customized to meet the specific monitoring and reporting requirements of each project.

Indoor Air Quality

•   Air quality investigations for schools, hospitals, multistory office buildings, manufacturing facilities and individual residences
•   Radon Monitoring
•   LEED Certification testing

Industrial Hygiene Programs

•   Chemical Monitoring
•   Noise Monitoring
•   Respirator fit testing
•   Health & Safety plan development

Air Monitoring & Permitting Programs

•   Air discharge permit applications
•   Air pollution modeling
•   Source emission testing
•   Visible emission testing
•   Air emission inventory surveys
•   Ambient monitoring for traffic studies